IMG_20160224_1438221SANDRA STANLEY

Sandra Stanley is the dierector, or C.E.O of Opening Doors for Women In Need.She has a transitional housing program of which I just happen to be a resident. Since meeting Sandra Stanley I have found the mother figure that I’ve never had! Now do I like everything she says? NO! I do not! That’s one thing about having a mother people forgot to tell me. We wouldn’t always agree on whatever issue was between us, but we could always agree on the love that we had in our hearts for one another! I probably never got the chance to tell you Ms. Sandra, but I really appreciate you and all that you do!



Opening Doors For Women In Need

I am living in a transitional housing program at Opening Doors For Women In Need under the direction of Ms. Sandra Stanley in Fort Worth, Texas. Since I have been home the program has made sure that all of my needs have been met.Sometimes I don’t understand different things, but God is working all things together for my good!!!!!!

Hump Day!!!!

Today is Wednesday. Life is sort of difficult for me at times,but I thank God that I’m here!! Living life on lifes terms is the only way that I can go these days. I’m trying very hard not to be such a people pleaser. It will get you in trouble every time! Today I’m learning to only try to please God. In doing that the people that are helped are the ones that I should be concerned about.

It’s A New Day!!!

For some reason I seem to have incredible highs and lows. Yesterday I was soaring, but today I am just here. Please pray for me on today everyone. If anybody ever tells you that life is a bowl of cherries you better tell them to wake up, or go visit Texas just like the weather it will change in a minute!!!!