Now It’s Thundering!!

If I thought stuff was bad before. I really think that it’s bad now! God does all things for a reason. What I’m trying to remember is that the lesson is always for me! Today I was told by someone that maybe I am suppose to fully put my trust in God. He has taken care of me this far. What I do know is that if God will bring you to something He will definitely bring you through it!The funny thing is I thought that I did trust God. I guess I trusted Him as long as I had my hands on the wheel as well.

BEYOND THE UNIMAGINABLE:”the killing of children”

I thought I had problems. This just reminds me that there is always someone worse off than you!

Hush Speak Softly


Countless thousands of children were slaughtered during the 1994 Tutsi genocide. Proof of the carnage was everywhere throughout the country in the months after the killing. On a path winding up a hillside in Nyakizu in Butare province, a small red sweater lay discarded. Inside was the ribcage of an infant.

When children went back to school at Kaduha in Gikongoro province, the bones of other children still lay strewn about the schoolyard in which they played. Of the bodies exhumed by Physicians for Human Rights at a mass grave in Kibuye province, some 44 percent were of children under the age of fifteen and 31 percent were under ten. Most had been killed by machete; fewer than 1 percent, the more fortunate, had been killed by gunfire. Among the victims treated by physicians in western Rwanda, some 30 percent were children and most had been injured by machete.

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God Is Able!!

Trials come to make us strong. That statement is easier to take some days than others, but we have to know without a shadow of a doubt that God is able! Even when we don’t feel like He is.In my life today I have seen God do some pretty amazing things. Yet, when trials come why do I feel the need to question Him? That’s food for thought!!!!!