Moving On!!!

Life is all about changes. Sometimes we like them sometimes we don’t never-the-less change has to occur. The good thing about today is that I have God to lead me where I should go. Now that The Girl That Glows is written and published I’m working on part 2, and have really learned from the mistakes that I made in making part 1. Those of you that haven’t picked up part 1 yet I know that you will soon. Here’s how: Go to type in the search engine The Girl That Glows paperback by Onyx. Just FYI!!!!


Okay Yall! Let’s Go!!

You can order the entire book The Girl That Glows at Enter into the search engine The Girl That Glows by Onyx. You can get the ebook, or the paperback. They said I wouldn’t make it. Let’s prove them all wrong!

Okay!! Here Ye! Here Ye!

I’m preparing for my book signing event. I will need  to order my books. If you would like to pre-order to ensure that your book will be there. Please let me know A.S.A.P!!! You see I didn’t ask who is coming, because I know that all of my friends will be there to support me. Also, the books will be autographed and will be 20.00 (cash only) I don’t need the money until the day of the event. Just your name and number of books that you will be requesting.



Date: July 9,2016



Location: Nehemiah Building 3600 Horne St. Fort Worth, Texas 76107

See you there!!