Moving On!!!

Life is all about changes. Sometimes we like them sometimes we don’t never-the-less change has to occur. The good thing about today is that I have God to lead me where I should go. Now that The Girl That Glows is written and published I’m working on part 2, and have really learned from the mistakes that I made in making part 1. Those of you that haven’t picked up part 1 yet I know that you will soon. Here’s how: Go to type in the search engine The Girl That Glows paperback by Onyx. Just FYI!!!!


Okay!! Here Ye! Here Ye!

I’m preparing for my book signing event. I will need  to order my books. If you would like to pre-order to ensure that your book will be there. Please let me know A.S.A.P!!! You see I didn’t ask who is coming, because I know that all of my friends will be there to support me. Also, the books will be autographed and will be 20.00 (cash only) I don’t need the money until the day of the event. Just your name and number of books that you will be requesting.



Date: July 9,2016



Location: Nehemiah Building 3600 Horne St. Fort Worth, Texas 76107

See you there!!