My Soul Has Been Anchored!

There are so many people in this life that assume that once you give your life over to the Lord life is forever going to be wonderful. Well let me be the one to inform everyone that is simply not true! The only difference is that now I know with out a shadow of a doubt that Jesus is with me, and as long as I’m not alone I’m not afraid to go through any storm! If God can bring me to it, He can definitely bring me through it! My soul is anchored in the Lord!


My Twitter Acct Was Hijacked (by me)

How much is the membership fee? Check out my book on put in the search engine The Girl That Glows ebook by Onyx then put in your birthdate as I have an age restriction on it because of the physical and sexual abuse then click on the first box. It’s my life story.


I tweet…a lot. I tweet to promote my books. I tweet to promote other people’s books. I belong to a group called Rave Reviews Book Club, where we retweet each others novels and blogs, etc. It’s a pretty cool group, and though it has a small membership fee, the increase in book sales is worth it.

But I’m not here to promote Rave Reviews. I’m here to talk about the evolution of my Twitter account.

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PLAY stands for People Long for Attention Yesterday. I believe everything that we go through in life stems from something that happened on yesterday. My challenge for you on today is to go back and heal what ever that hurt was from yesterday, and I promise that it will make you a better person today!