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If you have not read The Girl That Glows as of yet please go on and put in the search engine The Girl That Glows paperback by Onyx. Then put in your birfthdate as I have an age restriction on it because of the physical and sexual abuse. Then click on the second box.Glow cover-page-001




Girls' Globe

(Mexico’s latest hashtag on violence against women, that reflects a broken society).

On December 11th, Ana Gabriela Guevara, former Olympic Mexican athlete, and State Senator since 2012, reported on Twitter an assault she described as gender violence that occurred earlier that day. The assault took place on a federal highway when she was returning from Valle de Bravo to Mexico City.

She described the assault as what she first thought was a common vehicular accident, and she asked the driver to pull over to settle things through their insurance. All of the sudden, four men got out of the car and started beating her to the ground slurring insults because she was a woman and because she was a motorcyclist. The assault went on for several minutes, where these men punched and kicked her face and ribs, leaving her almost unconscious in the ground. When the men…

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Climbing In High Heels

That is the theme for our womens’ ministry at Como First Missionary Baptist Church. When you really think about it. That’s what we as women do everyday!Not enough food in the house? We climb….. No help with the kids? Climb… No help with the bills? Climb….. Family member needs a shoulder to cry on? We climb higher still! All while wearing high heels!