Am I Wrong?

This morning I was having a conversation with someone who I consider to be a close friend. While they were traveling with me I noticed them wearing a homeless scan card around their neck like a badge of honor. Please don’t take this wrong,but since very recently I was actually homeless myself I don’t particularly find amusing an able bodied young person with no children obviously clearly taking advantage of a system made to assist those persons in need.

I got seriously angered by listening to this person actually brag about all the assistance they received! There are people out there who honestly and truly need a hand up, and our society clearly doesn’t need to be a crutch for people who actually feel like living off the kindness and generosity of others is a way of life!

I know that sometimes I can be real hard on people, so I ask you today. Am I wrong for feeling this way? Please tell me. I honestly want to be a better person, and if my thinking this way will hinder me in any way I want to truly change my thought pattern.


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