Romans 8:28

My Word tells me ,”that all things work together for my good.” I use to wonder if it really meant all thing? Or only the good things. Well, I have since learned that it meant ALL things. Whether good or bad. Then I had to take into account the rest of the scripture, and it said(In my Onyx translation),”to them that love the Lord, and are called according to His purpose.” I had to think about that for just a half a second. Yep! I love the Lord, AND I know that He has called me for His purpose. Therefore that means everything that has happened in my life whether good, or bad has in some form pointed someone somewhere to Jesus, and that’s what it’s all about in the end anyway. If you have not already purchased my book please go to

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Father Can You Hear Me?

Sometimes, I really have to wonder if God is listening. I have been hurt so often I often wonder if God knows about what is happening to me. Then I think about Jesus, and what He endured on the cross for no reason at all. All for me. That usually helps me make it through the day. I am posting this to remind ALL of us that He never promised that it would be easy. Only that He would be with us. The next time we begin to get frustrated and want to say why me? Let’s all try saying instead… Why NOT me?