A Ghetto Child’s Christmas Tale

Reading and writing is something that I have loved to do my entire life. The Christmas Story from Luke 2 in the Bible was always my favorite story. I decided to combine the 2 by putting my own spin on the oldest and greatest story ever told, and penning the stageplay A Ghetto Child’s Christmas Tale helped me to do just that.All of my life I have always been told that I was nothing, and would never amount to anything. Well Jesus loves me, and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!! Please everyone go to my gofundme campaign to help me make my dream come truehttps://www.gofundme.com/x73aw-second-chance


Calling All People

Please go to my gofundme page-Onyx King Second Chance, and help me finance my dream of being a playwright.Everyone says that I will never amount to anything, but what I know is that with God all things are possible. I am going to continue holding on to God’s unchanging hand, and once I continue seeking Him and His righteousness I know that everything else will be added unto me!!