That’s Love

I am falling in love with poetry

T'was a dark and stormy bright...

Said the vulnerable to the vulnerable

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It’s Almost Saturday!!!

Well, my book signing is on Saturday. I must admit that I am very tired. Trying to make it all that I can. We are really going to have a good time. I hope and pray you all come out and join us. If you haven’t ordered The Girl That Glows part 1 please go to

I promise you that it’s worth it!!

We went to see Ferdinand

soulgifts - Telling Tales

Yep –Ferdinand.

He’s a BIG bull.

With a BIG heart.

And BIG baby blue eyes.

And he even tippytoes his way through a china shop.

  What’s more, he’s a pacifist. He would rather smell flowers than fight.

You guessed it! It’s goodies versus baddies. As it should be.

And the goodies win – of course.

We two pensioners sat in a movie theatre  mums, dads, kids and grandparents.

No kids with us. No distractions. No popcorn. No coke.

Just a small bag of peppermints I took from home

As you may have guessed,I love animated movies.

There’s just as much enjoyment in them for adults as kids.

This one has all the hallmarks of a good movie –

action, drama, heartache, love, funny stuff.

And a happy ending.

Did you know it took 18 months to make this movie?

And three weeks of that was just…

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The Girl That Glows 2: Still Glowing

I am more excited than you could ever know. I always that God was going to turn the mess into a powerful message!! The writing of “Still Glowing” has blessed me in ways that you could not begin to imagine. I am humbled in the way that only being in Gods’ presence can humble you. I am inviting all who can, and will to come and join me at my book signing on Saturday January 27,2018 from 2pm-5pm at 5237 Kilpatrick Ave, Fort Worth Texas 76107

I cannot wait to see how God is going to get the glory out of this!! See you there!

Romans 8:28

My Word tells me ,”that all things work together for my good.” I use to wonder if it really meant all thing? Or only the good things. Well, I have since learned that it meant ALL things. Whether good or bad. Then I had to take into account the rest of the scripture, and it said(In my Onyx translation),”to them that love the Lord, and are called according to His purpose.” I had to think about that for just a half a second. Yep! I love the Lord, AND I know that He has called me for His purpose. Therefore that means everything that has happened in my life whether good, or bad has in some form pointed someone somewhere to Jesus, and that’s what it’s all about in the end anyway. If you have not already purchased my book please go to

Please show your support.

Father Can You Hear Me?

Sometimes, I really have to wonder if God is listening. I have been hurt so often I often wonder if God knows about what is happening to me. Then I think about Jesus, and what He endured on the cross for no reason at all. All for me. That usually helps me make it through the day. I am posting this to remind ALL of us that He never promised that it would be easy. Only that He would be with us. The next time we begin to get frustrated and want to say why me? Let’s all try saying instead… Why NOT me?

Does Anybody Care About Our Young Girls? I Do!!

We are not all drama queens! We are not always making things up! Somebody has to help us. Well I want to be that someone who listens. I want to be that someone who believes. For those of you who have not ordered my book yet please go to

OK,So I’m In My Feelings!!

It is domestic violence awareness month. It all just takes me me back to a time when to be honest I would just rather forget. The abuse I now realize was something that I had to endure to get to the other side, but the comments from other people really got to me. Telling me to just leave. Or saying that I must like it. They really didn’t understand, and I didn’t know how to explain it to them. For those of you who still haven’t ordered my book please go to


I wrote it to cleanse myself of child abuse demons, but violence from 2 husbands also came next. My self esteem was just so very low. Today I am healed though. To God be ALL the glory!!