Romans 8:28

My Word tells me ,”that all things work together for my good.” I use to wonder if it really meant all thing? Or only the good things. Well, I have since learned that it meant ALL things. Whether good or bad. Then I had to take into account the rest of the scripture, and it said(In my Onyx translation),”to them that love the Lord, and are called according to His purpose.” I had to think about that for just a half a second. Yep! I love the Lord, AND I know that He has called me for His purpose. Therefore that means everything that has happened in my life whether good, or bad has in some form pointed someone somewhere to Jesus, and that’s what it’s all about in the end anyway. If you have not already purchased my book please go to

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Father Can You Hear Me?

Sometimes, I really have to wonder if God is listening. I have been hurt so often I often wonder if God knows about what is happening to me. Then I think about Jesus, and what He endured on the cross for no reason at all. All for me. That usually helps me make it through the day. I am posting this to remind ALL of us that He never promised that it would be easy. Only that He would be with us. The next time we begin to get frustrated and want to say why me? Let’s all try saying instead… Why NOT me?

Does Anybody Care About Our Young Girls? I Do!!

We are not all drama queens! We are not always making things up! Somebody has to help us. Well I want to be that someone who listens. I want to be that someone who believes. For those of you who have not ordered my book yet please go to

OK,So I’m In My Feelings!!

It is domestic violence awareness month. It all just takes me me back to a time when to be honest I would just rather forget. The abuse I now realize was something that I had to endure to get to the other side, but the comments from other people really got to me. Telling me to just leave. Or saying that I must like it. They really didn’t understand, and I didn’t know how to explain it to them. For those of you who still haven’t ordered my book please go to


I wrote it to cleanse myself of child abuse demons, but violence from 2 husbands also came next. My self esteem was just so very low. Today I am healed though. To God be ALL the glory!!

Does It Ever Get Any Easier?

Hello there friends. I ask that question, because it seems so easy for me to sink in a depression hole. I know that it’s not of God. I continue to cast it down, but it continues to creep up.I am hoping that someone, somewhere can give me some pointers, and I will end turn give them to someone else. One thing that I have learned from this journey is that this is not a me thing. It is a we thing.

For those of you who haven’t already ordered my book. Please go to

Let’s help someone who can’t help themselves. We can all begin the process by starting with the man in the mirror.

Is There Anybody Out There Listening?

I would like to first ask everyone to please forgive me for not posting in a while. I have just gotten so discouraged lately. Then it dawned on me. Most people don’t say anything, because they may not know what to do. So, I am reaching out right now to let people know what they can do. I am not going to suggest anything drastic, so you don’t have to get nervous!! The first step to dealing with anything is to simply acknowledge that a problem exists. So when you see that distant child across the street, or on your child’s little league team just acknowledge that they actually exist. What I can say from experience is that I always thought that I didn’t matter. That I actually didn’t even exist. Let the child know that not only are you listening, but you are looking as well!

When It Rains It Pours

A wise man told me never to say that it can’t get any worse, because it definitely can. I didn’t believe him. I guess I had to be made a believer. Things in my life definitely got worse. I love the Lord, and know that I am living right.This storm just seems too hard. I am standing on His promises. Praying only for help with whatever His will be. I just want to ask whoever reads this to agree with me in prayer. That God gives me the strength to weather this storm.

Monday Morning

Monday mornings remind me a fresh,clean slates. Whatever happened in our lives last week is over and done with. Let’s start a new!! No matter the situation you survived and for that you ought to be mighty grateful. I know I am. Let’s try this week to not only wipe our slates clean, but our minds and hearts as well. I love all of you. I really do from the bottom of my heart. Have a great week!!