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A Basketful Of Lemons


This book launch will be on July 28,2018 at the Fairmount Neighborhood library,1310 W. Allen St.,Fort Worth,Texas 76104 from 1pm-3pm

I am super excited about all the things that God is doing in my life. I know that I will see all of my friends there!!

Hi There!!

It has been a minute since blogging,and sometimes I think that I get so busy that I don’t have time. Well writing is therapeutic for me. Whenever I make time to write in any form it makes my days much better.With that being said I must make the time in my days. I guess it is just my way of slowing down and smelling the roses. Everybody enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!

Obligated to speak


I seldom write about politics here — because in a democracy everyone is entitled to their beliefs. But when children are being deliberately brutalized for political gain, it becomes a moral imperative to speak up. My hope is that some of you will call your representatives in Congress and ask them to please support more humane ways of enforcing our nation’s laws.

Yesterday we celebrated Father’s Day in the United States. But thanks to the direct actions of the government more than 1,000 fathers spent the day separated from their kids. And at least one of these fathers — Marco Antonio Muñoz — will never see his children again, because he’s dead.

Muñoz and his family were apprehended at the Weslaco, Texas Border Patrol station on May 11, where they were arrested under the “zero tolerance” immigration policy Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced in April.

According to a Border…

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A Ghetto Child’s Christmas Tale

Reading and writing is something that I have loved to do my entire life. The Christmas Story from Luke 2 in the Bible was always my favorite story. I decided to combine the 2 by putting my own spin on the oldest and greatest story ever told, and penning the stageplay A Ghetto Child’s Christmas Tale helped me to do just that.All of my life I have always been told that I was nothing, and would never amount to anything. Well Jesus loves me, and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!! Please everyone go to my gofundme campaign to help me make my dream come true

Calling All People

Please go to my gofundme page-Onyx King Second Chance, and help me finance my dream of being a playwright.Everyone says that I will never amount to anything, but what I know is that with God all things are possible. I am going to continue holding on to God’s unchanging hand, and once I continue seeking Him and His righteousness I know that everything else will be added unto me!!