It’s Almost Saturday!!!

Well, my book signing is on Saturday. I must admit that I am very tired. Trying to make it all that I can. We are really going to have a good time. I hope and pray you all come out and join us. If you haven’t ordered The Girl That Glows part 1 please go to

I promise you that it’s worth it!!


Does Anybody Care About Our Young Girls? I Do!!

We are not all drama queens! We are not always making things up! Somebody has to help us. Well I want to be that someone who listens. I want to be that someone who believes. For those of you who have not ordered my book yet please go to

Let’s Try Being Happy For Someone Else

Today is one of my label mates’ book release day.I’m very excited about that! We as Americans are so selfish! We can’t give compliments in any form. (That’s just my opinion, and remember opinions are like butt-holes. We’ve all got one.)I would like to issue a challenge to everybody today. Try to be happy for someone else today. If God is blessing your friend that means that He is on your block. If you have to look at it that way. Go ahead. Try it out. I’ll bet you like it!

Ain’t None Of This Promised by Tiff Smitty- Now available on

It’s Been Quite A While!!!!

Yes, it has been quite a while since I have posted anything. I just want everybody to know that God is still good. I’ve got a good job,my 2nd book will be out in a couple of weeks.My publisher says,”Definitely October”. If you have purchased the first one as of yet, please go on put in the search engine The Girl That Glows paperback by Onyx. Then put in your birthdate as I have an age restriction on it, because of the physical and sexual abuse.onyx

Moving On!!!

Life is all about changes. Sometimes we like them sometimes we don’t never-the-less change has to occur. The good thing about today is that I have God to lead me where I should go. Now that The Girl That Glows is written and published I’m working on part 2, and have really learned from the mistakes that I made in making part 1.┬áThose of you that haven’t picked up part 1 yet I know that you will soon. Here’s how: Go to type in the search engine The Girl That Glows paperback by Onyx. Just FYI!!!!