A Basketful Of Lemons


This book launch will be on July 28,2018 at the Fairmount Neighborhood library,1310 W. Allen St.,Fort Worth,Texas 76104 from 1pm-3pm

I am super excited about all the things that God is doing in my life. I know that I will see all of my friends there!!


Does Anybody Care About Our Young Girls? I Do!!

We are not all drama queens! We are not always making things up! Somebody has to help us. Well I want to be that someone who listens. I want to be that someone who believes. For those of you who have not ordered my book yet please go to http://www.lulu.com/shop/onyx/the-girl-that-glows/paperback/product-22745605.html

Does It Ever Get Any Easier?

Hello there friends. I ask that question, because it seems so easy for me to sink in a depression hole. I know that it’s not of God. I continue to cast it down, but it continues to creep up.I am hoping that someone, somewhere can give me some pointers, and I will end turn give them to someone else. One thing that I have learned from this journey is that this is not a me thing. It is a we thing.

For those of you who haven’t already ordered my book. Please go to http://www.lulu.com/shop/onyx/the-girl-that-glows/paperback/product-22745605.html

Let’s help someone who can’t help themselves. We can all begin the process by starting with the man in the mirror.